Beyond FAQ: Becoming a Writer for Children

Takes on the writing process, critique groups, securing an agent, joining professional organizations, immersion in genre, rejection, and the industry as it looks today.                                          

Works best for adult audiences.

Time: 2 hours


Pacing: Slowing Time Inside The Emotional Center of a Picture Book

Using brain science to slow down the heart’s center of a story.  

Works best for older audiences.

Time: 1 hour


SCAR: The Story of the Battle of Minisink

The Americans weren’t the only ones fighting for their freedom in the Revolutionary War…so were the Iroquois.                      

Works best for middle school and older.

Time: 1 hour

How to Become a Wizard of Words

Writing process workshop includes building characters, setting, and plot.

Can be adapted to all ages.                          

Time: 1 hour


Where Do Ideas Come From

Following through on ideas from their origination to their end. 

Can be adapted to all ages, but works best for younger audiences.

Time: 30 minutes


Revision, Doing Everything Over Again is Magic

Becoming a super hero at revision. 

Can be adapted to all ages.

Time: 1 hour