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What Every Girl Should Know: Margaret Sanger’s Journey


Margaret was determined to get out. She didn’t want to clean the dirty dishes and soiled diapers that piled up day in and day out in her large family’s small home. She didn’t want to disappoint her ailing mother, who cared tirelessly for an ever-growing number of children despite her incessant cough. And Margaret certainly didn’t want to be labeled a girl of “promise,” destined to become either a teacher or a mother—which seemed to be a woman’s only options.

As young woman growing up at the turn of the 20th century, Margaret Higgins Sanger witnessed and experienced incredible hardships, which led to her groundbreaking work as an advocate for women’s rights and the founder of Planned Parenthood. This fiery novel of Margaret’s early life paints the portrait of a young woman with the passion and courage to change the world.

This is historical fiction at its best: J. Albert Mann braids evocative language and masterfully curated details in this compelling fictionalized account of the life of the young Margaret Higgins Sanger, who grew up to have a profound impact on the lives of so many.
— Kirby Larson, Newbery Honor winner
A riveting story about one of humanity’s great heroes, with deep resonance for today’s readers.
— Martha Brockenbrough, author of UNPRESIDENTED: a biography of Donald Trump
A moving, authentic portrayal of how the most stubborn and daring woman reformer in American history developed her nerve.
— Peter C. Engelman, author of A History of the Birth Control Movement in America